Sales Consultant

Sales Consultant


Sales Consultant

Details of the offer

Project Director / Sales Director / Sales Manager
Internal: Sales Administration
External: Guests / Owners
To actively contribute to the company vision of making holiday dreams come true by providing consistent and accurate sales presentations to guests, to achieve defined sales targets, and a high level of external and internal customer service.
The Sales Consultant is responsible for selling the holiday credits, which are securities as defined in the Corporations Law. The holiday credits are sold in strict compliance with the registered Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and other rules required by Corporations Law.
PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES: (Include but not limited to:)
• Conduct consistent and accurate sales presentations to guests, to achieve defined sales targets
• Effectively deliver required sales targets
• Follow the Company’s sales presentation guidelines, the ‘Ten Steps of The Sale’ to present consistently and accurately
• Represent the Company in an ethical, moral and professional manner
• Maintain and update as required all sales information and materials used for presentations
• Be an active participant in sales and training meetings
• Set and review performance goals weekly, monthly and year to date (YTD)
• Obtain referrals as per company pay plan requirements
• Fully observe and remain compliant at all times with Company policies and procedures
• Adhere to industry and Company best practices
• Ensure that all reasonable directions given with regards to health and safety are followed, to not willfully place at risk the health and safety of yourself or any person in the workplace and to not willfully or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided for health and safety.
• Display a Count On Me! service to all internal and external parties.
• Display innovation through inspiring, creating and improving processes and products.
• Show integrity in all aspects of the position by doing the right thing, taking responsibility and delivering on the promise.
• Display leadership values by ensuring effective communication and respecting your peers and managers. Support others within the team and empower each other wherever possible.
• Strong customer service and integrity values
• Ability to apply sales techniques and skills to achieve successful outcomes
• High level of resilience and emotional intelligence
• Positive and enthusiastic attitude
• Excellent communication skills and listening skills
• Works independently, as well as, a team player
• Problem solving and negotiating ability
• Presents as a professional role model

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