Lecturer/Online Facilitator - Product Development And Operations (Graduate Course)

Lecturer/Online Facilitator - Product Development And Operations (Graduate Course)


Lecturer/Online Facilitator - Product Development And Operations (Graduate Course)

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If you don’t have experience with online learning but have experience in a traditional role, do not worry! We have found many skills are transferable, so we encourage you to apply for online learning positions too.Product Management (Graduate Course)– Details about the course, subjects and position description can be found in the links below. Please see theHow to Applysection below to apply. Any additional questions can be sent to our learning consultant, Chinh Nguyen – **********
Subject:Product Development and Operations
Position: Online learning facilitator. https://www.mysessions.co/app/#/opportunity/3034/O2eqcnmhL6ca7khAoEG2Rp0rJrCohg
These subjects can be taught by one or multiple people, depending on the candidate’s experience – so please feel free to apply for both!
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Please ensure your profile is completed and includes relevant information in relation to your teaching practices and results. If you are unsuccessful for these positions, you may be contacted regarding employment opportunities that match your profile in the future. Employment is on a casual basis.Further information about Sessions and more opportunities can be found on our website at www.mysessions.co
Other subjects available within this course:
Subject:Product Design and Customer Experience
Position: Online learning facilitator. https://www.mysessions.co/app/#/opportunity/3033/k3sSJ5ajj4Vp8hLGbmR1H9CgtKUy0z
Subject:Future Skills: Digital Leadership and Digital Marketing Strategy
Position: Online learning facilitator. https://www.mysessions.co/app/#/opportunity/3039/58bCkz8CkLf3gS9irICwTY1Q6RfZZE
Subject:Future Skills: Digital Leadership and Digital Delivery with Agile
Position: Online learning facilitator. https://www.mysessions.co/app/#/opportunity/3040/DDQEwYmjZsOlxTq41RpXiR9Jieq7Al

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