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Api developer

Roles and Responsibilities Ensure that we reduce duplication and encourage re-use and shared environments Ensure that all projects meet performance standards...

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Company Secretary

Company Secretary

Athletics Nsw


Company Secretary


Details of the offer

Athletics NSW (ANSW) is a company limited by guarantee and is the governing body for senior athletics in NSW. The Athletics NSW Company Secretary (
Co Sec
) will administer the corporate governance affairs of the Athletics NSW company and manage the business of the Board of Athletics NSW.

The ANSW Co Sec role has a fundamental governance and monitoring function for the business and will be relied on to provide advice and implement good governance practices.

The ANSW Co Sec will play an important role in supporting the effectiveness of the board by ensuring that board policy and procedures are followed, and will coordinate the timely completion and despatch of board agendas and briefing material. The selection of the Co Sec is made by the Board and the Co Sec will need to be available to all directors.

The ANSW Co Sec will be accountable to the ANSW Board, through the Chair, on all governance matters and also work closely with the CEO.

Basis of Employment

The Co Sec will be employed on a 12 month contract. ANSW expects that the Co Sec role will take approximately 0.4 FTE hours to undertake the role sufficiently, however is also committed to working with a suitably qualified candidate to ensure that flexible working arrangements are available.

The Co Sec will be required to attend Board and Committee meetings, most of which occur on a weeknight. The Board typically meets bi-monthly for approximately 3-4 hours on a Wednesday evening. Committee meetings are also typically held bi-monthly for approximately 2 hours on a Monday evening.

Role and Responsibilities

The ANSW Co Sec will attend to the following responsibilities as part of their duties:

ASIC & Statutory Reporting
: Attend to all ASIC and other statutory reporting in respect of ANSW, including director appointments and changes, any changes to the company details and the lodgement of financial accounts. The Co Sec will also understand and ensure the company complies with its statutory reporting and disclosure obligations;

Board Meetings:
The collation and distribution of board and committee papers and agendas, attending board and committee meetings to take minutes, tracking circular resolutions and otherwise ensuring the Board processes are properly followed and records maintained;

AGMs and SGMs:
Ensuring the proper calling and holding of the AGM and any SGM in accordance with the Constitution and by-laws, attending meetings to prepare and maintain minutes and records in respect of such meetings;

Board Portal and Registers:
Maintain and update the ANSW board portal and ensure the necessary registers are established and properly maintained;

Governance Advice:
Providing or procuring advice for directors regarding the application of the Corporations Act, company constitution and other legal, governance and regulatory requirements (though the position does not require the candidate to be a practicing solicitor); and

Governance Policies and Procedures:
Development, implementation, communication and maintenance of compliance policies, processes and procedure and advising the ANSW Board in respect of the development and implementation of governance best practices to safeguard the integrity of ANSW. Working with staff in order to ensure that governance best practice is ingrained throughout the entire ANSW business. Working with the Board to ensure Board performance reviews, skills matrix reviews and general Board best practice measures are implemented.

Risk Management and Committee:
Assist the ANSW Chair, CEO and Risk Committee with risk management matters.

Work with the Chair, CEO and Committee Chairs to assist in inducting new directors.

: Work with the CEO to ensure appropriate insurances, including directors and officers insurance, is maintained.


A Graduate Diploma in Applied Corporate Governance will be highly regarded.

Whilst there is no legal requirement for the ANSW Co Sec to have any particular qualification or experience, because of the volume of legal compliance work and required knowledge of the
Corporations Act
and other legislation, legal qualifications will also be highly regarded

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